Our range of well-tailored services make a complete solution that keep our customers loyal and more coming. Our reputation precedes us.


Domiciliary Care
Breaks & Respite

  • Personal care
  • Hospital appointments
  • Minimal gardening
  • Support to manage your bill
  • Shopping
  • All household tasks
  • Support with pets
  • Correspondences

with Support

  • This service has been temporarily suspended

Short Breaks
& Respite

  • Anywhere you want to go, we make certain you have the support right for you.


  • At Break Barriers, we believe you should be able to dream about your holiday destinations. We are here to make that happen beyond your dreams, with personalised support, while you remain in charge.

The Service Users

Customer service and timely delivery of support is important to us at Break Barriers, and as such we ensure that our staff get to their respective customers on time. Service users enjoy the timely provision of care and support, made possible and sustained through the provision of quicker and convenient transportation for our staff when needed.

Our staff and service users are not just lumped on each other. We spend time to understand each customer and staff, set up meetings between the carers and the customers to establish rapport and ease up the tension or concerns the customer as well as the staff might have before being matched. We also ensure that once both customer and staff are appropriate for each other, the carer- customer relationship is maintained as long as possible. This is to ensure consistency of service delivery and quality continuation of care and support.

Also new staff are adequately prepared not just in terms of relevant trainings, but also by exposing them to the necessary routes to get to the customers address seamlessly. This helps in building the confidence of new staff. This also means that our customers are reassured that meeting their care and support needs, and timely too, is our priority.

Service users want:
  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be in control of the care and support provided
  • To be part of their care and support planning
  • To be listened to and understood
  • On time service delivery
  • To be cared for and supported by dedicated, compassionate and kind individuals
  • The provision and delivery of the highest possible standard of support and care
What Break Barrier delivers:
  • Real-time monitoring of customers schedules and provision of swift transport when needed to ensure on time delivery of service.
  • Trained staff who are compassionate, kind, with professional values that treat service users with dignity and respect.
  • Service user-centred care and support planning, with service users at the centre and in control of the services provided
  • Tailoring services according to every service user's needs.
  • Open door and transparent leadership and management that is responsive to customers' unique and changing needs.
  • Carer-service user match making based to the service user's preference and care and support worker's skill.
  • Performance monitoring and improvement to ensure the highest possible quality care and support.

Break Barriers provides a complete solution with the customer centred and staff-centred approach that fulfils our customers' care and support needs; from personalised planning where the expression of needs and preferences are encouraged, to timely delivery of agreed services.