Our Equipments

We carefully acquire equipments that meets the needs of our customers at all times

Portable Easy Track Rails FS
and V3 Portable Hoist

This portable tracking hoist with remote control can be taken to any hotel or on cruise ship. This piece of equipment will provide you and your Personal Assistant with the support you need for safe moving and handling on any location. The concept is so innovative, the design so clean - it has never been so easy

Stainless Steel
Pediatric Bath Chair

The Ultima stainless steel bath chair features independently adjustable seat, back, and leg angles for optimum comfort and support. The surgical grade stainless stell frame offers the most in aesthetics as well as durability, and the bacteria and fungal resistant ComfortMesh seat cover provides cleanliness and comfort. The Ultima supports the user's head, trunk and calf while sitting or reclining. Includes two positioning belts.

Rolling Shower Chair Base for Stainless
Steel Pediatric Bath Chair

Stainless steel base is ideal for use in roll-in showers. Includes 4 locking casters and straps to secure chair to base.

Opera Eco Hospital
Profiling Bed

The Opera Eco Profling Bed has a 4-part electric profiling mattress platform and height adjustment, and offers exceptional value backed by a 3 year warranty. The choice of stylish wood colours gives the Opera Eco everything it needs to fit into any bedroom surrounding. Complete with integral side rails, the Opera Eco accommodates up to a 7” mattress allowing the bed to be used with airflow mattresses, and comply with the BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 medical beds standard.